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Wicked Good Gallery

The Wicked Good Gallery is a great way to allow people to post their images on the web, without spending a lot of time formatting images and uploading different versions.

The person posting the images can use scp, ftp, sftp, or any other direct method to place content on the server. To add an image, create a directory named with the image title (some special characters may not be allowed), and put a .jpg file in the directory. The next time the page is displayed, the image will be offered as part of the collection.

Application Features

Ease of Use
This was the primary objective of the application, to reduce the time required to place images on the web. Any size image can be uploaded, ImageMagick automatically creates both the large image and the thumbnails.
Control of text content
The text associated with the image is full HTML, meaning people can add PayPal and other buttons, links to other resources, additional images, and style the text as desired.
Slide Show
The slide show button (upper right hand corner), allows site visitors to review all the available images, even those not displayed as thumbnails.
Search Engine Optimization - SEO
The image names are used as the titles for the pages, each image has its own page.
This is a read-only application, which simplifies security requirements.

The beautiful artwork used for this demonstration is from LilyClaireArt. It is available for purchase, in a variety of formats, on their site.